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Pastured Chicken Information

Pastured Chicken Information

At 4 Ever Moore Farm, we have chosen to raise our meat chickens(broilers) out on pasture. Chickens are omnivores and were meant to be outside eating a multitude of things. Bugs, soil(natural minerals), rocks(go into the crop to aid digestion) and grass! Chickens can eat up to 30% of their diet on grass alone.  We supplement the remainder of their diet with a NON-GMO feed ration.  They are raised in large open bottomed shelters that are moved at least once daily onto fresh pasture.  These shelters give protection from predators and the elements while allowing sunshine in at all times.  This system utilizes the birds waste to fertilize our pasture naturally.

Our pastured broilers take about 8 weeks to reach processing weight. Our goal is to raise a 4.25 lb broiler. Naturally there will be some variation in weights up and down.

Our next processing of 2017 will be the week of June 12th :

  • Addition batches will follow at regular intervals. 



2017 Broiler Pricing is as follows:

Whole Bird $3.75/lb

*Add $2 per bird for additional butchering

$9/lb Boneless skinless breasts

$7/lb Chicken tenders

$2.50/lb Thigh & leg quarters

$3.50/lb Wings

$.99/lb Soup bones